Wes Llewellyn

Wes Llewellyn


Alabama native, Wes Llewellyn has been a filmmaker in the motion picture industry for over 30 years, 21 of those years in Los Angeles, on hundreds of productions in various positions including Chief Lighting Technician, Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Director.  For the past eight seasons, he has been directing dramatic reenactments on the popular Christian talk show,  “Sid Roth’s, It’s Supernatural” shooting nearly every two weeks on a different episode. He has numerous awards for his work including being the only 3 time winner of “Best Film” at the 168 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

Amanda Llewellyn

Amanda Llewellyn


Amanda was a make-up artist and hairstylist for 20 years along with a variety of other jobs on the film set from script supervisor to set decorator to production co-coordinator and the last 10 years or so as a writer and producer.

She has several awards for “Best Screenplay” and is now in her eighth year of producing the reenactment sections of the TV show, ‘Sid Roth’s, It’s Supernatural.” After their longtime experience in Los Angeles, both she and Wes are continuing to work from production through post in their studio space in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. 

Director’s Reel

Mission Statement.

Purpose. Relevance. Quality. All of the buzz-words used in the entertainment business that mean, you have “arrived” mean nothing without the creative ability and skill to put new and exciting ideas and stories into action. We, as a married couple team, make movies. No matter what we do or what product we make, we make movies. From award winning commercials, industrials, television shows and films…we make them all look like a popcorn munching, fun, entertaining, visually stunning movies. That’s what we do. Every time.

Featured Projects



A high school football star, Jae Stroud, has a smart phone that is implicated in an inappropriate picture of his young girlfriend, Rachel Dugard, spreading onto the internet that he did not send. Her father is out for revenge, Rachel wants to recover her reputation and Jae just wants to forget the whole thing but the D. A. won’t let him and neither will his concerned parents. Through Biblical counseling Jae begins to discover what put him in this position in the first place as he slowly grows into a man by coming to faith in Jesus Christ and he is then able to spread reconciliation through his new found faith.

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Running From Darkness

Based on a true story. As a boy of privilege, Ramin was brought up in a more secular Iran than it became after the fall of the Shah in 1978. Now a young man, the world seems against him as he loses family members to the ruthless “morality police” and suppressive government. He is expelled from college, losses a job and is desperate enough to want to take his own life but he hears a man on the TV talk about a God who is love and forgiving. Ramin gives his life to Jesus Christ and is then thrust into a journey to make it out of his country alive.


Heart’s Desire

Based on a true story. Born in an internment camp, a young Japanese-American woman has grown up on a farm in Lodi, California and is steeped in tradition and traditional Buddhist values even though she began to follow Jesus Christ at eight years old. Now, she wants to get married and has been praying that God will bring a husband to her door out in the country. Patsy agrees to meet a man through a Japanese matchmaker and has an immediate attraction to Walter but she refuses his offer of marriage because he is not a Christian. Frustrated and yet curious, Walter begins to write to Patsy and through three years of letters seeks to understand Jesus and become the answer to Patsy’s heart’s desire. 



A widow moves into a town with her young special needs son to take over her mother’s dwindling estate. She is forced into an antique store because of a rainstorm and finds an amazing wardrobe that intrigues her. The owner practically gives it away to her and she takes it home and puts her clothes into it. The next morning, the only clothing she sees is a set of medical scrubs! Running late for her very important county tax hearing, she passes by a terrible accident. When she gets out to help, she realizes that she knows what to do and saves the poor girl in the mangled car. It is only the next day that she realizes that the girl she saved is the daughter of the tax officer! Her life takes one dramatic turn after another helping people and setting the world “right” even though darker powers are after her and her son. “Quantum Leap” meets “Narnia” with a single working mother seeking after a new life and a closer relationship to God. 

The Future…And Beyond!

Predicting the future has always been tricky. The moment that you think that you have it right, it changes. But that is why it is so exciting! At this moment, 4L Films has a varied and wide slate of projects in development for film and television some with completed scripts, some in progress and some that are in their earliest stages of development but all with high concept stories and interesting characters and adventures spanning the globe and the human emotional journey of life. What other medium can give you such a different life to live for 90 minutes? None other than the movies! Roll-em!






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